Monday, 8 February 2016

Spice of (Highland) Life - all the details . . .

Thank you so very much for all your kind and lovely comments about the Spice of Life blankie in my previous post  : - )
I'm glad you love it as much as I do . . .

I've had several emails and requests to share the details of the yarn & colours I used, so for those of you who are interested, here they are:

Drops Nepal - Off White (0100) 

Drops Nepal - Light Beige Mix (0206) 

Drops Nepal - Beige Mix (0300)

Drops Nepal - Light Grey Mix (0500) 

Drops Nepal - Grey Mix (0501) 

Drops Nepal - Medium Grey Mix (0517) 

Drops Nepal - Purple Mix (4434)
Drops Nepal - Navy Blue (1709) 

Drops Nepal - Aqua Blue (8908) 

Drops Nepal - Pistachio (1477) 

Drops Nepal - Deep Ocean (8905) 

Drops Nepal - Grey/Purple (4311)

Drops Nepal - Grey Green (7139)

Drops Nepal - Light Olive (8038) 

Drops Nepal - Light Grey Green (7120)

Drops Alaska - Grey Pink (40) 

Drops Alaska - Purple Mix (54)

I bought the yarn from Wool Warehouse - their service is always excellent and their yarns are very  reasonably priced too.

I used approximately 100g of each colour (2 x 50g balls) but that's not an exact science as I modified the pattern a little, and used these aran weight yarns instead of a double knit as suggested in the pattern.

The pattern can be found on the lovely Cherry Heart blog here.

Any further questions or info required ? Just go ahead & ask and I'll do my best to answer.

Happy crocheting . . .


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The spice of (Highland) life . . . a ta-dah !

A little while ago . . . ok, I admit it was actually last year . . . around September-time I think, I decided to join in with the lovely Cherry Heart 'Spice of Life' CAL - and as usual when it comes to me and a CAL or a KAL, I always start off with great gusto and a determination to keep up.  But somehow life has other plans and nine times out of ten, by the time the "Along" is half-way through, I've already fallen behind schedule.  
But this time I decided almost right from the beginning that my Spice of Life blankie would be a slow project.  

And so it was that it lived in my WIP basket at the side of the sofa waiting patiently for me to pick it up whenever an opportunity presented itself.  As a result, I really loved making it and am delighted with the end result.

I used a mix of Drops Nepal & Alaska yarns which were so lovely to work with, and the colours I chose are inspired by the beautiful highlands of Scotland - the land of my birth, and one of my most favourite places in the world.

Think deep blue lochs, pretty purple heather, mauve thistles, endless shades of green, natural bracken, skies that change from blue to grey with the seasons, and even those funny, furry highland 'coos' . . .

So there you have it  -  

Ta-Dah . . .

my Spice of (Highland) Life blankie 

 -  and that's another WIP ticked off my List. 
 : - )

Hope you're having a happy week,

'til next time,

ps.  I didn't quite stick to the exact pattern, mostly because I really just can't resist a scalloped edge  !

Linking up with the weekly Yarn Along over at Small Things today - do pop over and see what everyone else is up to.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Catching up . . .

Hello lovelies . . .  well, I started this year off with a determination to find my seemingly lost bloggy mojo and here we are, already almost at the end of January and still nary a post since the beginning of the month.
I'm not sure where it's been hiding (the mojo, that is) - perhaps in a little corner recuperating from the higgledy-piggledy-ness of the past few months.  But here I am again . . . it's Monday,  the chores are done, the dog is walked, and I've got a cup of tea and a yummy biscuit to hand, so let's catch up - shall we?

Here's what I've been up to over the last little while . . .   some crocheting, a bit of sewing, a dabble in clock-making, and lots of walks and play time with the two most-adorable-pups-in-the-world . . .

. . .  more sewing, a little knitty project, taking time out to read, sorting & tidying my craft space, enjoying the first snowfall of the year, and taking much delight in having my little quilt featured by @craftastherapy.  : - )

So that's it for now, neatly condensed into three little collages.  Hope you're having a happy January, and let's chat again soon.

'til then,
take care & be blessed

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas wishes . . .

Wishing you & yours, 
from me & mine, 

a very merry Christmas . . .

Be blessed,

love Gilly 

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Christmas in the making . . .

Less than a week to go before the big day, and I'm happy to say that this year I've managed to finish my Christmas makes ahead of schedule.   Can I get a woo-hoo ?

I should confess though that I did rather curtail the List a wee bit - for once realising that with everything else going on right now, I just wasn't going to be able to make it all. 
You know that thing where you pin a whole lot of fab ideas on Pinterest, then time runs out and you think, oh well, maybe next year . . . ?

Anyways . . . meet Ed the Elf . .  he's my favourite Christmas creation.  Isn't he just the sweetest elf you ever did see?
  The (free) pattern is from lovely Julie at Heart & Sew, and he's pretty much made from my yarn stash. He's a chubby little thing (too many mince pies, methinks) and despite that mischief & mayhem seem to follow in his wake, I'll miss him when he flies north to his forever home.  But I'm sure he'll be just as well-loved and treasured there too.
 I hope he writes, or calls occasionally . . .

My other favourite make was a whole tribe of little snowmen . . .
I just loved this idea from the Tilda Christmas book and had so much fun making each of them unique in their own little way.

Most of them have been gifted to lovely friends, but these two have stayed behind to cheer up the diningroom for our Christmas dinner  : - )


So that's all my handmade gifts and makes ticked off, and I'm looking forward to a relaxing, crafty time now.

How's everyone else's Christmas making coming along ? Are you all done too ?

'til next time,

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