Thursday, 23 January 2014

It's pointless to resist . . .

Right, so you know how sometimes you're happily catching up on a wee bit of blog reading, merrily hopping around in Blogland, marvelling at all the wonderfully talented peeps in this world of ours and gathering inspiration as you go ?  

And then something pretty just pops out at you and you just HAVE to make/bake/knit/crochet/sew that too ?
You know what I mean, don't you ?

So earlier this week I was doing just that, and right there on Shari's lovely blog, The Stitch Pattern, was not one, but indeed two oh-so-pretty makes that just jumped out and cried "make me, make me"
How could I possibly resist ?

First up was a lovely crocheted chevron blankie - pop over here for the link to the pattern if you like.
Now a little while ago, I decided it was time to update our sofa cushions and after much thought, I decided to go with a plummy shade and picked out three lovely fabrics.  I still haven't got around to actually making the new cushions yet, but I will . . . soon . . . I promise.
 But when I saw Shari's blankie, it occurred to me how perfect it would be for the sofa too.  So I promptly chose some pretty cotton yarn, bookmarked the pattern and added "Crochet chevron blankie" to my To Make list :-)

fabric & yarn - a perfect match, don't you think ?

 And then the very next post, Shari showed us (and again kindly shared the pattern) the cutest crocheted pot-holders.  And yet again, I was powerless to resist.
So I delved into my stash, retrieved this Drops Paris cotton and promptly began to hook.

Thanks lovely Shari for sharing your pretty makes, and if The Hubby has any questions
regarding the slight overspend (oops. . .) on the yarny budget this month,
I shall have to refer him straight to you ; - )

And lest you think I'm just flitting whimsily from one project to another, I'm happy to assure you that Daisy Duke is very nearly complete . . .

. . . just needs to be blocked and the arm edgings to do, then voila, I'm ready for Summer . . .

Linking up today with Small Things Yarn Along 
 with Chrissie Crafts & Ladybird Diaries for the Bloomin' Crochet-A-Long.

Do pop over and be inspired. 
Oh, and if you haven't yet discovered The Stitch Pattern blog, you really need to pop in there too.

 It's pointless to resist . . .
  ; - )

'til next time,


  1. Sometimes inspiration is a very powerful force and you have to go with it. :)

  2. A girl after my own heart.....I know exactly what you mean! And I cannot blame you for adding these lovely makes to your To Do list as they are irresistable!
    Am loving the colour yarns you'e chosen, and of course the fabrics, and that cute little blue top is something I would love to try.......
    Too many good things! And thanks for sharing them!
    Gill xx

  3. With those colours and gorgeous textures, who could resist!? I'm going to pop over to see what enticed you so...thanks for sharing, the yarn and fabric combo is fab! Chrissie x

  4. I'm loving your fabric choices and now the matching yarns and can't wait to see the finished makes. Oh, and I've pinned the pot holders too!

  5. Gilly!!, you have put the biggest smile upon my face today. I am so thrilled you loved not only the blanket I made but my pot holders as well and giving them both a go!!!!! I love it when I make something that others find as much interest in them as myself. I am really loving those colors you choose for the's going to be gorgeous!!!!
    xx Shari

  6. I know exactly what you mean! I paid $5 for a pattern for fingerless mitts yesterday, after seeing it on a blog, despite having quite a few similar patterns already! Love the colours of the fabric and yarn, and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished projects!

  7. Shari is quite talented isn't she? I always want to live in her cream colored world. Well done on the projects.

  8. I agree!! It's pointless to resist making such pretties!

  9. Gilly that yarn is just gorgeous and will make such a beautiful blanket! Shari's blog is very inspiring isn't it?
    Marianne x

  10. Oh Gilly, I can't wait to see your blankie finished. I just love the colours you have chosen!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  11. It's lovely when you see something and you are inspired to have a go isn't it! Shari really does make the loveliest things, so I can quite see why she inspired you. Your things are all looking lovely. xx

  12. Your blankie will look amazing, Gilly. :o)

  13. Oh I love new colours you have chosen! They are just gorgeous and fresh... ready for spring! Hazel x

  14. Gilly I LOVE LOVE LOVE your colour choices! Thats incredible! And the fabric! So much about inspiration! Now I want them as well ;) San xx

  15. Oh what scrummy yarn and makes, sometime resistance is futile.
    Clare xx

  16. Yes, yes, yes, I know what you mean. I must stop keep viewing blogland, it makes me start more projects and buy more yarn. It's such a hard life we lead.
    I do love your colour choices though for your new blanket.
    Sally xxx

  17. Oh my goodness. What lovely colours you have picked. Have fun!

  18. Oh yes, I've done that many times. There's so much inspiration out there it's hard not to. Your skeins of yarn look so pretty.

  19. Oh there have been lots of times where I just have to start a new project after seeing something! Both the Chevron blanket and pot holders look like great projects, can't wait to see more of your progress on both.

    Any Daisy Duke is looking really good, love the colour of yarn you are making it with! :D

  20. What beautiful colours you have chosen for your blankie! Look forward to seeing it in situ! Julie x

  21. Gilly, I love the colours of your new could you resist, I totally understand!!! Sarah xo

  22. I really do know what you mean - I'm the worlds worst for getting tempted by so many beautiful blogs and I've had to stop myself from trying to emulate them. Difficult as I love having a go, but other things get in the way sometimes. I love the colours of your yarn, beautiful. The hat is gorgeous too. x

  23. Your yarn shades are gorgeous Gilly...they will make such a pretty crochet blanket and Daisy Duke is looking beautiful...perfect for the Summer days to come :-) (I'm dreaming of them this's so cold in our corner!)
    Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,
    Susan x

  24. Oh yes Gilly, there's so much in Shari's blog that is irresistible and I love the colours and yarn you have chosen - I'm really looking forward to seeing your progress on that magic blanket - enjoy! Love, Joy xo

  25. Your cushion colours are so gorgeous, I'm looking forward to seeing hte finished result.

  26. How lovely! I love those purple colors together! And yes they go very well with those fabrics! I've actually been wanting to try some of the Debbie Bliss yarn, it looks so nice! :) Can't wait to see your pot holders either, pretty colors!! :) Happy weekend! xo Holly

  27. Beautiful beautiful yarn, in soft pastel colours. I don't blame you for not resisting the post holders are stunning.

  28. Cant wait to see how you get on with your blanket Gilly x

  29. Oh yes, I've done that many times. There's so much inspiration out there it's hard not to. Your skeins of yarn look so pretty.

  30. Oh yes, I've done that many times. There's so much inspiration out there it's hard not to. Your skeins of yarn look so pretty.

  31. Ooh yes it's great to draw so much inspiration from blogland. Aren't we lucky living in today's world?? I love it. Love that yummy looking yarn and looking forward to see your makes. Very pretty to you're making, how clever are you!! Enjoy your weekend skattie xxx

  32. Isn't blogland wonderful? I'm looking forward to seeing your lovely makes ... Bee xx

  33. Gilly, Gilly, Gilly!!! *sigh* I can't add more projects to my impossible in this lifetime list.... I just can't... well, OK, maybe just a few more (giggle)! Overspent the yarn budget... er, what budget? You mean we are supposed to have a budget? And, gulp, actually stick to it? Oh dear!!! :D
    Hugs always,
    Beth P


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